The Lake of the Woods District Hospital ensures the safety and security and, at the same time, respects the needs and wishes of its patients. It is important to recognize how the needs and wishes of patients impact other patients within the hospital. For the safety of our patients and staff, it is important to maintain a visiting hour guideline to manage security, infection control and routine requirements for the hospital.


General hospital visiting hours

11:30 am to 8:30 pm


ICU Department

2 pm to 3:30 pm and 7 pm to 8:30 pm



· All visitors outside general hospital visiting hours will be required to obtain and wear a visitor’s pass from switchboard.

· Children under twelve (12) years of age must be under the care and control of an adult at all times.

· Visitor volume is adjusted to the comfort of the patient and/or the patient’s roommate by the nursing staff. Visitors are asked to cooperate with the nursing staff if they or their children are asked to leave due to volume of visitors, noise or behavior.

· Visitation may be restricted or expanded to meet patient care needs and/or to provide compassionate care.

· Parents of ill children are allowed to stay at their bedside. Only 1 parent can stay at the bedside overnight.

· An announcement shall be made each evening by the Switchboard Operator that“Visiting hours are now over, would visitors please exit the facility” to facilitate clearing the hospital prior to bedtime care and security lockup.

· All visitors will comply with infection control policies and procedures; i.e. hand hygiene, isolation precautions, etc.


· The Lake of the Woods District Hospital recognizes that family-centered maternity, newborn and early childhood involves the whole family as well as healthcare professionals and that through activities aimed at improving maternal health, promoting the normal growth and development of the child and at strengthening the family unit, potential physical and emotional handicaps may be reduced.

· The Lake of the Woods District Hospital will provide care that is patient-centered, service-oriented and performance-focused.

· A mother will have her newborn infant rooming with her from the time of delivery.

· The immediate family of the newborn infant may visit outside of the regular visiting hours at the discretion of the motherand with the approval of staff.

· All other visitors are welcome during general hospital visiting hours (11:30am – 8:30pm), as per our hospital policy.


· ICU visiting hours are as posted.

· Visitors will be requested to call into the ICU from the waiting room phone prior to entering.

· 2 visitors at a time are permitted for brief periods only.


· Patients may have one (1) support person/advocate with them as necessary, dependent on the acuity of the situation.

· The support person/advocate may include a significant other, family member, caregiver etc.

· Both parents may accompany their child in the Emergency Department.

· The support person/advocate may be requested to leave during treatment.

· Support person/advocate is to refrain from bringing food or drinks into the Emergency Department.

· Cell phones and electronic devices are not to be used in the triage area.

· There may be exceptions based on any changes in the patient’s condition.