The Central Ambulance and Fire Communications Centre is located at 40 Minnesota St. in Kenora. The centre receives call for ambulance and fire emergencies from the Manitoba border east to the community of English River on Hwy 17 and on Hwy 11 to Hwy 802; and from the US border north to Hudson Bay. On average, 30,000 calls are received per year. These include calls for medical and fire assistance, requests for patient transfers and requests for air ambulance to remote locations.

We provide call reception and dispatching services for 15 EMS services, 33 Emergency First Response Teams and 37 Fire Departments.

Commitment of Service

The mandate of the Kenora Central Ambulance and Fire Communications Centre is to provide a focus for communication and coordination by which various aspects of emergency response utilization can be deployed and monitored. These include:

  • The provision of rapid and accurate emergency response communications to all citizens requiring emergency medical and/or fire services
  • The coordination of patient transfers such that vehicle utilization is maximized while minimizing delay and maintaining balanced emergency coverage.
  • The deployment and coordination of all land ambulance movement within the centre's area
  • Effective cooperation with all partner agencies in an effort to best serve the citizens of the area.
  • The commitment to meet and exceed expectations of performance standards: receiving requests for ambulance services and subsequently assigning the appropriate resource within 120 seconds - 90% of the time.