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Preoperative Assessment Clinic, 3 Surgical Suites, Post-Operative Recovery Room

The surgical service department is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of general surgeons, visiting specialist surgeons, general practitioner anesthetists, perioperative nurses, pre-operative clinic nurses and a pre-op clinical coordinator. The three surgical suites are also supported by a Medical Device Reprocessing Department, clerical, housekeeping and dietary personnel.

Patient population includes in-patients, elective out-patients, preoperative admission clinic clients (both on site interviews as well as telephone teaching) and patients referred from other communities in Northwestern OntarioThe team provides general surgical care to the Kenora and surrounding area residents. As members of the Regional Surgical Network, our surgeons contribute emergency coverage, on a rotating basis, to nearby communities, including Dryden and Red Lake.

The surgical services provide elective general surgery and endoscopy and are involved with the Cancer Care Ontario colorectal screening program. We endeavor to provide a variety of visiting specialist programs including women's health surgeries performed from an itinerant Gynecologist from Winnipeg. Visiting orthopedic surgeons from the Thunder Bay Regional Orthopedics Program offer knee endoscopies, Total Knee Replacement surgery, Anterior and Total Hip replacement surgery, spinal decompression and / or spinal fusion surgery. Our Ophthalmology program hosts a surgeon from Winnipeg who provides cataract replacement surgery. An A-scan measurement is completed pre-operatively and is done in Kenora prior to cataract surgery. Urologists from the Regional Urology program visit our site monthly to offer inpatient and outpatient procedures. We will soon be offering a Maxillofacial Surgery program for the region as well supported by a surgeon from Manitoba.

Elective surgery is offered Monday to Friday 0800 to 1600 hours. Surgical standby for emergency cases is available evenings and nights as well as on weekends and statutory holidays.


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