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The Sexual Assault/Partner Abuse/SAFEKIDS Program is committed to the provision of excellent, unique and individual service in the area of sexual assault; partner abuse (domestic violence) and sexual/physical violence to children. Utilizing a multi disciplinary approach we recognize and respond to the physical, psychological, social and medico-legal needs of the individual.

The program’s team is composed of skilled RN/RPN’s with the RN’s being experienced as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners.

The service to adult (16 yrs and older) victim/survivors of sexual assault started in 1995. Services to those 16 yrs and younger have been provided in collaboration with the pediatrician.  In 2002 the program’s mandate was expanded to include services to individuals experiencing domestic violence and pediatric sexual assault. The partner abuse (domestic violence) aspect of care was fully operational in the fall of 2003. The pediatric services are now operational in collaboration with the hospital, both children’s agencies and the program.

The program’s services are available to female and males of all ages in the Kenora and surrounding areas on a 24 hrs, 364 days bases.