Specialty Clinic Coordinators 
PH: 807 468-9861 x2287


The hospital provides multiple Visiting Specialist services through the Ministry of Health Under Serviced Area program. Over the last few years we have increased our services of Visiting Specialists to include twelve physicians, providing ophthalmology, dermatology, oncology, rheumatology, orthopedics, endocrinology, neurology and gynecology. We have also purchased equipment to provide EMG, EEG and nerve conduction testing by a technician who travels with our visiting neurologist from Winnipeg. Approximately 3900 people attended the 208 clinic days avoiding lengthy travel outside of our community and a much shorter waiting period for referrals and surgery. This year we have plans to increase our services to include another orthopedic surgeon for hip replacements. These services are available by physician referral within the Kenora catchment area.