folder Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Our Patient Satisfaction Survey was made available to all outpatients and inpatients who visited or were discharged from the Lake of the Woods District Hospital.  The timeframe that the surveys were distributed and the total number of returned surveys are identified in each document below.

All N/A and blank responses have been removed from the calculations.

Many of our questions were rated on a scale of #1 – 7, for example:
1 (Very unsatisfied)      -       2       -        3       -       4       -        5       -        6       -       7 (Very satisfied).

These responses have been grouped and: #1 – 3 represent those who were “unsatisfied”;  #4 represents those who were “neutral”; and #5 – 7 represent those who were “Satisfied”.

Any patient or family member who has a concern or complaint are asked to please let us know by comment card, online email, written letter, in person visit, or by telephone. That is the only way we can identify areas to improve upon.  For more information on our Patient/Visitor Complaint Policy, please return to our main webpage ( and see the Patient Relations section at the bottom of the page


pdf Patient Satisfaction Results 2015


pdf Patient Satisfaction Results 2014


pdf Patient Satisfaction Results 2013